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Springside Apostolic Bible Camp -700.000 CODE OF CONDUCT



701.010 Springside Apostolic Bible Camp

(SABC ) is a distinctively Christian organization. (See Springside Apostolic Bible Camp Inc. Constitution, Jan. 13,


701.020 SABC personnel policies are built on principles derived from the Holy Bible. The Scriptures are considered to be the final authority guiding our faith and our actions. Our understanding and interpretation of Scriptures is consistent with the evangelical Christian tradition.

701.030 SABC endeavours to comply with legislation regarding employment standards and human rights. Wherever there is a conflict between current Canadian legislation and the Bible, however, the latter shall overrule.

701.040 The following principles shall be adhered to by staff members, board members and volunteers of SABC , hereinafter referred to as personnel.


702,010 in addition to SABC being a place of employment it is also a ommunity of people united by their common Christian faith. Thus employment with SABC is inseparable from faith commitment to Jesus Christ. This commitinent is the undergirdmg of the life of the

organization: it expresses itself practically in the relationships among SABC personnel themselves, and between SABC personnel and its clients. Therefore SABC personnel are expected to function as Christian leaders, upholding New Testament standards in all aspects of their lif and ministry. Applicants for SABC will be considered inappropriate for employment and ministry if they do not intend to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

702.020 SABC personnel function as highly visible role models and servant leaders within our community of ministry. This means that the lives of mission personnel must be consistent with the faith that we represent. SABC personnel hold positions of authority and that authority must never be abused.

702.030 SABC personnel are expected to establish within their individual lives the spiritual disciplines needed to maintain and promote a deep, intimate relationship with God.

702.040 SABC personnel are expected to consistently attend a local church whose beliefs are consistent with SABC’s Statement of Faith, where practicable.

702.050 SABC personnel are responsible for maintaining healthy relationships with their families and friends. If a relationship is broken and resolution appears impossible, personnel are expected to fulfill their obligations to the other person(s), including legal responsibilities i.e. paying child support, alimony, and debts.

702.060 Personnel are to be careful, responsible stewards of SABC property.

702.070 SABC personnel shall not bring tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs on to SABCproperty or SABC events under any circumstances.

703.010 SABC personnel are required to avoid conduct that is unethical or immoral and to avoid behaviour that is contrary to Biblical principles, including:

A. substance abuse including the use of tobacco, and illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol

B. extra-marital sexual relationships (adultery)

C. premarital sexual relationships (fornication)

D. reading or viewing pornographic materials

E. homosexual relationships

F. theft or fraud

G. physical aggression H. abusive behaviour

I. sexual assault or abuse

J. harassment

K. lying, deceit or dishonesty

L. criminal activity

M. immodest dress, extreme hairstyle or extreme use of jewelery.

704.000 SABC personnel who visit churches different from their own are to respect the traditions of that church.

704.010 Abusive relationships will be reported to the authorities and, if proven, will result in dismissal. The person shall be suspended with pay, where applicable, pending such investigation.

704.020 Where practicable, doors to classrooms or counseling rooms shall be kept open during the time when children are in the care of personnel, unless two or more adults are present. When individual counseling of a child is done, every attempt shall be made to have two adults present.

704.030 Every attempt shall be made to have two caregivers present in any care situation for children under the age of three years.

704.40 The reasonable restraint of an individual who is causing damage to property or injuring another person is permissible until the arrival of police or other legitimate authority.

704.050 When transporting minors involving ministry functions, where practicable, two adults should accompany the minor hi the vehicle and should a minor be sent home from a ministry function, the minor’s family should be told in advance that the minor is returning home.

704.060 This Code of Conduct shall be signed annually by all personnel along with the Statement of Faith. Personnel who refuse to renew this agreement will be dismissed.


705.010 SABC is committed to providing services and developing relationships that are free from harassment. We need to provide an environment free from harassment on the grounds of: race, ancestry, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, physical or mental disability, age, marital status or family status.


706.010 Definition: Sexual harassment is any comment or conduct, sexual in nature, that is known to be, or should be reasonably known to be, unwanted and unwelcome. This may include, but is not limited to: unwelcome remarks, jokes, innuendos, taunting, sexually oriented conduct and requests, comments, gestures, or materials that are considered offensive, threatening or degrading.


707.010 We believe that God created each person in His image, and of equal value in His sight. (Genesis 1:26,27). We believe that every person is entitled to equal dignity, respect, and bodily integrity. SABC is committed to providing an environment free from sexual harassment for worship, work and study. Complaints of sexual harassment will be taken seriously and dealt with hi a just and compassionate manner.

Examples of sexual harassment may include, but are not limited to:

A. unwelcome remarks, jokes and innuendos about someone’s body, dress or sex,

B. persistent leering or suggestive looks,

C. displaying pornographic and other offensive materials,

D. unnecessary physical contacts such as touching, brushing against, grabbing and pinching,

E. pressure for personal relationships or sex,

F. intimidation or threats of reprisal if personal relationships or sexual advances are rejected,

G. sexual assault – the unwanted act of a sexual nature including rape and any other unwanted touching or contact, imposed by one person upon another without consent. Examples include, but are not limited to kissing, patting, grabbing, pinching.

H. sexual solicitation or advance made by a person who is in a position to confer or deny benefits when that person knows, or ought reasonably to know, that such conduct is unwelcome.


708.010 “Child Abuse” is a new term for an old problem which has been with us for thousands of years. Only recently has society come to recognize it as serious. The common factor underlying all forms of abuse is the abuse of power or authority. Abuse occurs when the more physically powerful person takes advantage of the authority she/he has over the less powerful person.

708.020 Child abuse can mean actively hurting a child, sexually exploiting a child, failing to take proper care of a child, or depriving the child of affection and acceptance. No single definition can cover all the types of abuse.

Abuse also means doing nothing to stop a situation, or permitting abuse by standing by and letting it happen.





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